The Addams Family

Stacey Harris (Morticia) possesses perfect poise, posture, and intonation (and can she ever tango — with legs that don’t quit!)

Lori Schneider, The Aisle Seat

Stacey Harris as the sinisterly elegant Morticia Addams goes from vicious to vivacious in delectable fashion. It was a blast to see this usually stoic and aloof character break it down and get wild in her number “Death Is Around the Corner”.

Bill Moloney, Sullivan County Democrat

Menopause The Musical 2

The four women are strong performers and good comediennes… Stacey Harris as the aging Soap Star is quite winning and obviously the dancer of the group.

Claudia Perry, Times Square Chronicles

Always a Bridesmaid

Harris, I must say, offered my favorite performance of the evening. Her physical humor as a woman who is kicking and screaming her way toward middle age, was hilarious. Also, she delivered some of the funniest lines of the show with superb timing. She also needs to be commended for not allowing her character to seem pitiful with her refusal to act her age. Monette was a classic comic clown, but she was never a buffoon.



The same goes double for Stacey Harris' Velma Kelly: she has a Chita Rivera-like presence onstage, but she makes the role her own. This actress scores in every number, especially the particularly grand "When Velma Takes the Stand" in the second act (and the male dancers around her, complete with straw hats, are pretty superb, as well). Stacey Harris is quite a performer, with a superb singing voice and expert dancing style, and she is great delivering all of Velma's sharp lines. She is an actress I look forward to seeing again.

Zander Opper, Talkin' BROADWAY

Ms. Harris makes “All That Jazz” her own, and at the end of the show, singing “Nowadays” with Roxie, she continues to show us what great talent is all about.
Ms. Philistine...and Ms. Harris are a joy to watch, together and separately. Both women command the kind of attention that – nowadays- ‘selfies’ elicit. It’s the “look at me” enticement that works excitingly in this show.

Don Church and Tony Schillaci, Critics On The Aisle

Perhaps closest to a Fosse-inspired performance is Stacey Harris’ sassy Velma. There’s a real spark in evidence here and her dancing nicely recalls those of the master.

Tom Holehan, CT Post-Chronicle

Stacey Harris is a vibrant Velma Kelly. She embodies the role, lending her many talents to this tough and sharp-tongued sexpot; and she sets the bar high for what is to come in the opening number "And All That Jazz".

Pillow Talking, Stephanie & Wayne


Stacey Harris gives a deeply moving performance as Sally Bowles, a scrappy Cabaret performer who falls for an earnest and sexually ambiguous American writer played by Joe Somodi. Her complex and devastating character arc parallels the Emcee’s, and she manages to embody both pain and promise with every movement and every note. She seems to glide with every step, and her rendition of 'Maybe This Time' and 'Cabaret' hold incredible layers of meaning.

Marin Heinritz, Encore Michigan

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Kate Jerome's younger sister, Blanche Morton (Stacey Harris), had the perfect sister chemistry with Hickam. Harris played the doting younger sister so well!

Jordan Higginbotham, Broadway World

Pardon My English

Stacey Harris makes the sexy Magda entirely seductive and also demonstrates perfect comic timing as do all of the cast.

Victor Gluck --

Stacey Harris makes the most of her brief appearances as Magda with picturesque sizzle.

Alix Cohen -- Woman Around Town

Crazy For You

Stacey Harris turns up the heat in her vampy dance number "Naughty Baby" in which she seduces saloon owner played by Tony Lawson.

-- Brevard Culture

The Megile of Itzik Manger

...the cast is exceptional, particularly Stacey Harris, a Folksbiene veteran, who plays Esther and starred in the theater’s last production, ... “The Golden Land.” Her smile had wattage to light a small city and her singing and dancing were Broadway quality.

Curt Schleier -- The Jewish Daily Forward

Queen Esther (Stacey Harris) with her girlish charm, listens to her uncle Mordechai the Saint, who convinces her to accept the match with the king. The actress plays the role with much grace, with a good singing voice and she is convincing.

Miriam Hoffman -- The Yiddish Forward

Both Harris and Keren are vocal powerhouses.

Paulanne Simmons -- Curtain Up

Stacey Harris is a beautifully shrewd Esther.

Miriam Rinn -- New Jersey Jewish Standard

The Golden Land

There were song highlights...the lovely Stacey Harris on the World War II era song, 'Papirosn (Buy Cigarettes),..

Stephen Hanks --

And when Stacey Harris stepped off the boat in a meek and understated turn as a Holocaust survivor, I found myself getting all verklempt.

Zachary Stewart --

'S Wonderful

Stacey Harris is both a smooth vocalist and an antic comedian.

Chesley Plemmons -- Curtain Up

Act Two gives the comic and songsmithette talents of Stacey as Jane has her moments in Hollywood….. Ms. Harris demonstrates spot-on comic timing and the audience gets every line. Ms. Harris is given a chance to screen test in a love scene with Mr. Watkins, and when she is kissed by him, she sings ‘Do It Again’ that scorches the lyrics. Her ‘Do it Again’ silences the audience it is so sexy. This woman deserves a sit-com. Ms. Harris and Mr. Watkins maintain a great comic joy in this sequence. She also does a terrific pratfall through a mirror to set up the sequence!

-John F. Bailey -- White Plains CitizeNetReporter

Stacey Harris plays several roles, including Jane, a lovesick makeup artist in 1948 Hollywood. Throughout the production, her energy and her comic ability light up the stage. She instantly gains the empathy of the audience, a rare talent that’s a prerequisite for any budding star.

Michall Jeffers -- Woman Around Town

Millben….and Harris belt out ‘It Ain’t Necessarily So’ with showstopping magnetism.

James F. Cotter -- Times Herald-Record

And Stacey Harris as Jane drives her body like a vintage Jaguar. And it is just as finely shaped and tuned as that fine machine. Lovely as the trunk is on the Jag, it cannot compare with that of the beauteous Ms. Harris... I just could not take my eyes off her.

Bob Lebensold -- WVOX

That's Life, Again

Stacey Harris has a big, exciting voice and a stunning silhouette to boot.

Paula Atwell --

I laughed out loud during Harris’ performance of Dinah Shore’s “Sweet Violets,” a story-song in which the lyrics twist comically away from the critical and sexual overtones you’re expecting.

And Tuesday’s audience cheered just about every note and moment.

Jay Handelman -- Herald-Tribune

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

Perhaps the most poignant of all the scenes is the one in which Rose Ritz (played movingly by Harris) makes a videotape to be used by a dating service.

Mark E. Lieb -- Creative Loafing

Harris is delightful singing 'Always a Bridesmaid'.

Jay Handelman -- Herald-Tribune

Romance, Romance

Stacey Josephine

What elevates the evening are the warm and funny portrayals from Brian Myers Cooper (Alfred/Sam) and Stacey Harris (Josephine/Monica). Thursday's opening found them amazingly confident and comfortable, displaying a delight in performing that communicates directly to the audience.

The first act's old world insouciance is nicely balanced with the modern casualness of the second, showing off each performer's versatility. Their chemistry is real, no more so than in the flirting dance sequences in both acts. Both have strong voices that find all the nuances in the songs.

Roy C. Dicks -- The News & Observer

Harris [is a] highly personable performer... cute as a bug and has personality plus... handle[s] the comic banter and serious overtones with aplomb.

Robert W. McDowell -- Classical Voice of N.C.

Bye Bye Birdie

Stacey as Rose Alvarez

In the role of Rosie Alvarez, which vaulted Chita Rivera to Broadway star status, Stacey Harris, new to Seattle stages, is a sheer delight and a real triple threat. Harris gives an unforced, naturalistic performance, and dazzles in her big song and dance moments such as "Spanish Rose" and "The Shriners' Ballet.

David-Edward Hughes -- TalkinBroadway

Stacey Harris is a confident, consummate entertainer and her performance in “Shriner Ballet” provides some of the funniest moments in the show.

Deborah Stone -- Valley View

Stacey Harris as Rosie Alvarez sizzles in "Spanish Rose;" a sultry, provocative, almost lap dance in a red dress. Harris's hips so tease and taunt the stuffy, old-goat Shriners she tantalizes that they can't help but choke on their own false teeth. A show highlight.

Dale Burrows -- Enterprise Newspapers


Stacey as Roxie

If you only see one musical this season, make sure it's "Chicago".

Valerie Nienberg -- Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers

Harris heads the cast as raven-haired Roxie. She sings well, dances even better and any jury in the land would be won over by her.

Hap Ernstein -- Palm Beach Post

Long-legged Stacey Harris is a brassy hoot in her role as foxy Roxie...

Pam Harbaugh -- Florida Today

Stacey Harris, as Roxie, is the ultimate “Package”. A fabulous singer, dancer, and actor, plus she has a smile that totally lights up the theater.

Martin L. Paris -- PlanetVero.Com


Adam and Stacey

If you are looking for an evening out to watch two people take command of the stage and never lose it for two hours, whether dancing, talking to one another or the audience, then Syncopation at Capital Rep is the place to go. Adam Pelty is an extraordinary dancer; Stacey Harris is a joy to watch - matches his footwork step for step.

W. K. Aaron -- Spotlight Newspapers The Record

Harris is a sparkling dancer. Pelty is phenomenal… My favorite is the closing tango to Act 1…masterful execution by Harris and Pelty.

Paul Lamar -- The Daily Gazette

Harris and Pelty create a believable Anna and Henry: They are not just dancers who can act a little, but actors who can dance well.

-- Metroland

Regardless of the musical style, be it rag, waltz, or foxtrot, Pelty and Harris exhibit perfect posture, fantastic extension and lines, and a joie de vivre that made me want to get up and twirl around the stage with them.


Anna Bianchi, played with conviction by the attractive and well poised Stacey Harris ...her dancing is a lesson in growth and by the end, the audience is fully on her side. And as a twosome, they work well together.

Robert Couture for WAMC

Harris becomes a swan gracefully, stumbling through her initial steps with a physical awkwardness that echoes Anna's inner progress... When she finally does become a dancer, she's vivacious.

Michael Eck -- Times Union

Pelty and Harris, who are reprising the roles they originated in an Albany, N.Y., production, are magnificent as the dance partners.

Terry Byrne -- Boston Globe

But at its heart Syncopation is about the dancing -- and Adam Pelty and Stacey Harris excel, both as actors and dancers.

Nancye Tuttle -- Lowell Sun

Beautifully danced and acted by the cast of two, they fill the stage, yet give the feeling of a larger company. The choreography and execution of it by Pelty and Harris is nothing short of breathtaking.

Nancy Grossman --

West Side Story

Stacey Harris nearly steals the show as Bernardo's saucy girlfriend, Anita, who admires his machismo but sees that the love between Tony and Maria is more important than gang labels.

Asheville Citizen-Times

Bernardo's girlfriend, Anita, (Stacey Harris) is feisty, independent, and effervescent in her rendition of "America". In two scenes, she displays a depth of emotion that calls forth our empathy.

Hendersonville Times-News

The showy part of Anita, which brought Chita Rivera into the permanent spotlight, is sung and danced to near perfection by Stacey Harris.

Will Stackman -- Aisle Say Boston

Stacey Harris does an excellent job of creating the self-assured, fiery Anita.

David Andrews -- Metro West Daily News


Stacey Harris nearly steals the show as Betty Rizzo, a wild and willful girl determined to experience everything now.

Tim Reid -- Asheville Citizen-Times

Rizzo (Stacey Harris) is flippant and tough (she is also an excellent dancer and singer).

Franklin Harris -- Times-News

Look Homeward Angel

Florry Mangle (Stacey Harris) [is] both real and connected during this scene; several others fill in the picture, but they do not engage us.

Franklin Harris -- Times-News

Last Night of Ballyhoo

The standout performances belong to Harris, as the shrill Lala who lives in a make-believe world... Both actresses show strong skills with characters who seem so real and disturbed.

Tony Kiss -- Asheville Citizen Times

Sugar Babies

Stacey Harris, who has delighted Flat Rock audiences with her comic and acting talent, proves she can sing as Soubrette, the saucy young thing who really gives Edwards a coronary.

Tim Reid -- Asheville Citizen-Times

Stacey Harris, the Soubrette, parodies the bimbo as she flirts, sings and dances with gusto.

Franklin Harris -- Times-News

A Chorus Line

Stacey Harris brings the house down with Nothing and a poignant rendition of What I Did For Love.

Gay Chicago Magazine

Kudos should go to Stacey Harris for strong singing in the role of Morales.

Renee Tomell -- Republican

I particularly like Stacey Harris as the spunky Puerto Rican dancer Diana Morales.

Dan Zeff - Copley News Service

As Diana Morales, Stacey Harris has the advantage of sinking her vocal chords into the show's two best solos, the witty "Nothing" and the light-FM "What I Did For Love". She makes both these turns stand-outs in the show.

Nick Pullia - Wheaton-Press

My One And Only

As Edythe Herbert, the English Channel swimmer who becomes Billy's one and only, willowy Stacey Harris displays a solid singing voice [and] gorgeous gams.

Chicago Sun-Times

The leggy Stacey Harris, Lupp's agile, tireless dancing partner, rises to the genius of choreographer Marc Robin.

The New World Entertainment

As Edythe, Stacey Harris combines wholesome looks with fine dancing and solid control of her character. In the ingenious wading scene, she and Lupp are smashing.

Night Out

Andy Lupp's a solid, graceful, admiring partner for Stacey Harris, who stylishly co-stars as his svelte lady love.

Chicago Tribune

Lupp and Harris are wonderful, selling their roles as if they're having the time of their lives on stage.

NorthWest LEADER

Stacey Harris has the part of Edythe, and a more charming performance is difficult to imagine.

Sherman Kaplan Radio Review

Stacey Harris is a good-looking dancer with a voice to match.

Daily Southtown

As Edythe, Stacey Harris is an outstanding singer and a solid dancer, and dancing is what this show is all about.

Dan Zeff, Copley News Service

Stacey Harris is the beautiful Edythe Herbert, whose sweet voice pleases from start to finish, whether it be the classic , "S' Wonderful" duet with Lupp, or as a soloist in "Nice Work If You Can Get It".

The Landmark

As Edythe Herbert, the first woman to swim the English Channel, Stacey Harris enchants with her made-for-Gershwin voice, svelte good looks, and darned good dancing.

Kane County Chronicle

Harris bubbles like Sandra Bullock, keeps up with Lupp in the dance sequences and chirps like a nightingale. Besides, she has a pair of legs that just won't quit.

Bulletin Stage Review